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Tara's work is very gentle and very powerful. She has helped me release many old energies that needed to be cleared from my system. The Christa Energy itself is pure and powerful. An attunement can give you many new tools to stay clear and centered even if times are turbulent. I have recommended Tara's work to many friends and clients.

Anina Davenport, Minneapolis, MN
Channel for St. Francis and author of "Reflections on Ascension" and "Energetic Empowerment."

The 12 Hours Following a Christa Healing Session with Tara

One of my most difficult tasks is to put my experience with Tara into words….. Following her work with me, I felt somewhat disoriented, but at the same time I felt more deeply balanced. I had the immediate chore to return calls and in doing so, someone right away remarked, "You sound different," they couldn't quite put their finger on it, but somewhat like a new sharpness and a new keenness and that I was a lot more natural and spontaneous than before.

Later on that evening following dinner, I noticed this pronounced and uncharacteristic pulsation, a vibration that felt as though it was emanating from within and beyond my core. It wasn't super intense, but yet I was being strongly affected. It was like I had experienced something beneficially unique. It was very easy for me to drop off to sleep. But I did awaken somewhat groggy, like I had had maybe too many glasses of wine, but I didn't; I seldom drink.

What I came to realize was that I had an out-of-body experience as a result of Tara's work with me. I made it to an astonishing elevated realm but because I began to feel uncomfortable, I chose not to travel beyond that point; yet it was a peaceful choice! I began to get ready for my day. My energy state felt different. I felt a lot more internal silence than I had noticed before we met. I now realize that there is something about Tara's work that has positively affected my mental, emotional and spiritual framework forever.

Luis Bakar, Scottsdale AZ

I have worked with Tara since 1999. Tara's healing is a powerful mode of shifting one's innate wisdom and intelligence to the surface in order to reorganize issues for the betterment of all involved. My husband and I have witnessed the shifting each time I have worked with Tara.

Cordings to people are so limiting to all involved. The change, after cutting cordings, is quite obvious and does take a little time to settle in for all involved to free up energy in order to move forward. It is like a pendulum swinging back and forth until it re-centers and everything balances out.

Our son has benefited many times with and through my healing sessions. By me becoming stronger emotionally, energetically, physically and healthfully his emotions actually calm and heal when he is home from college, instead of being rocked by all of the challenges our family has been dealt over the past 9 years with my health challenges, job losses and subsequent financial losses.

I/we have been able to listen to our inner voice and hear God's whispers to direct us in a forward motion, instead of backward, in order to move away from dysfunction and chaos.

I strongly recommend Tara's healing work for anyone who is struggling with a difficult relationship or difficult time in their lives. Doors and windows open up like I have never witnessed before in my life. People in our lives are pleasantly realigned and calmed by the healings, which allows everyone to move out of their old patterns. I cannot say enough good things about Tara and her healing abilities. She has been a blessing in my life. My health has improved considerably. My relationships have become more enriched, and each time Tara does a healing with me I find that my inner strength is heightened and my ability to shed my fears and anger and judgment toward others literally drops away which frees up my energy to do things that are important to me.

Lynn Heaser, Minneapolis, MN

It is now 3 days after the Christa Healing. I feel much better than before. The energy in me is more soft and there is more love in me. I feel more connected with the Divine Love, but also with my body and the earth! Now all is together. My body is no longer my prison, it's more a part of me and I can feel more love for my body and in my body.( I don't mean the sexual level.) Something has also changed in my head. It is much clearer than before! I feel so good! I will clear all the major negative influences so fast as possible!

Christina Barth, Switzerland

The Blessing of Meeting Tara

Well, I'll explain how I came to meet Tara and then explain the consequent reflections on my life.

The story picks up as I'm sitting in one of those sedans that the hotels have contracts with to give rides around to various events while in town. I'm a sedan driver waiting for a call to the front of the hotel. I was listening to a psychic on AM radio that I liked, and she was going to move soon so I took the opportunity to schedule a session with her before she left the state.

Part of the background story is that I had been trained and brainwashed by the marines and later the army infantry school, which had awakened a very extreme soldier in me. Then for a decade I had lived overseas on my own, out of the service. Needless to say at this point I was a crusader and an extremist for what I saw as Americanism and its values. Unfortunately I was also a tension-head jerk and very self-destructive and almost suicidal in my ventures, especially having to do with violence.

So, I came to America to live again and I encountered militarized police thuging and victimizing citizens. The youth were brainwashed and many were marketed into little gang bangers. So, that set me off into soldier mode. And I began fighting with gang punks and cops when they challenged me. It became more and more extreme. In my session with the psychic, she told me she saw me ending up in prison for a 25 year session, but only serving 13.

Now, my intention has always been to fight to the death and never be taken prisoner. This was my training. So her prediction upset me deeply. She said to me, "If you go and see Tara I won't have to worry about you again because you can release your aggression and change your path." So I set up an appointment for a Christa Healing with Tara.

After the Healing session I realized that all the fear and paranoia that fueled the soldier mode was gone, and I was back to feeling like I had years earlier that I had forgotten all about.

I continued with several more Healing sessions, addressing layers of things that cause me suffering and confusion. I let several months pass and then I again started attracting back into my life the negative forces that thrive on the rage and violence of soldier mode. This was encouraged by being around unhealthy people who were threatening me. Again the anger began to rear its ugly head in my job and how I dealt with others. Plus I didn't have joy, love, or fun in my life….. just suffering.

So, with this last Healing session we were able to get to some very deep and important areas for healing, including the deep soldier levels. I'm working with the Christa Energy exercises every day, and I'm back to being a new man focused on changing my environment and society in a positive more loving way. Tara calls it, "Being a soldier for Christ with the weapons of love."

When I say Tara is a lifesaver, I am speaking in the literal sense with no exaggeration. I can't express enough in words how much I appreciate and love Tara for her fulfilling her mission for God in this lifetime. My thanks again from the profound depths of my life.

P.S. For any veteran or soldier please do even just one session for you and your family. It'll be the best and most profound thing you've done for yourself and all around you. God Bless.

Frank Stone, Denver CO

Offering spiritual healing, energy and guidance to support positive transformation in all areas of your life.
This profoundly effective method of healing identifies your patterns of imbalance and releases them at the core level causing vibrational changes that work through each of the bodies and result in physical cellular change enhancing the body/mind's ability to self-heal.

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